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Who We Are

Innovtech was founded with a vision to provide simple solutions to complex business problems.

Our delivery methodology is made up of short, measurable and repeatable cycles of Engage, Collaborate and Deploy.


Our focused approach of incremental development combined with our industry and technology expertise, deliver high Return On Investments (ROI) for our clients.


Our key focus is to use of cutting edge technologies to provide industry leading solutions, in the areas of AI, Data and Cloud.

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Our Services

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Big Data

Big Data is a powerful concept that can change the landscape of organisations by effectively harnessing the data. However, as per recent reports, the confidence of management teams across global firms has been dipping due to challenges in implementations. 
We at Innovtech work with organisations to create and maintain robust cloud based infrastructure for storage, navigation and use of your data. We specialise in ensuring high quality of data integrity, pipelining, and security.

Startup Development Team

Artificial Intelligence

Our Products

Organisations across the globe are focusing more and more on automating their processes and systems with the help of Artificial Intelligence. We have developed in-house, AI powered products for you and your customers.

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Case Studies

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Business Challenge:

Our fast food client was facing inventory management of perishable items in their chain of stores in Middle East and the UK. The weekly stock they produced was either too much or too little in comparison to the demand they received.

Gravitas Solution:

We deployed real time monitoring and reporting of unstructured data directly from the fnachisee's cold storage units to local systems along with the client's central system. We also hooked up the inventory data to invoicing data.


Our client managed to bring down the inventory cost by 15% and also achieved a highly controlled invoicing framework with their suppliers and all frnachisees.

Inventory Management

Business Challenge:

An international organisation had no insight to their sales data and end customer engagement metrics across all of their online assets. As a result the client was overspending on the marketing budget. In addition, the product pipeline was heavily biased. 

Gravitas Solution:

We demonstrated the value of monitoring customers and sales through Enterprise level Google Analytics (GA) with Tag Management to the client. We proved the concept by running  a pilot with a small population of websites. We then implemented the GA framework for sales focused web assets.


The client realised strong benefits by focusing on sales figures and associated products. Increased customer focus allowed the client to better manage product pipeline, thereby decreasing the production costs

Customer Analytics

Business Challenge:

A media company provided advertisement slots based on historical viewership data. This caused loss of revenue for the company and incorrect slots for the advertisers.

Gravitas Solution:

We collaborated with the client to migrate their database to cloud. We then enabled smart data display through a combination of deep learning techniques, advanced analytics and visualization; which led to intelligent information sharing with the advertisers.



The client enhanced their revenue by providing near real time, accurate viewership data to advertisers. This alos led to client's better engagement with advertisers in comparison to the competitors.

Intelligent Advertisement Management

Our Clients

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