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Gravitas Consultants Limited was founded with a vision to provide simple solutions to complex business problems.

Our delivery methodology is made up of short, measurable and repeatable cycles of Engage, Collaborate and Deploy.


Our focused approach of incremental development combined with our industry and technology expertise, deliver high Return On Investments (ROI) for our clients.


Our key focus is to use of cutting edge technologies to provide industry leading solutions, in the areas of AI, Data and Cloud.


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Big Data

Big Data is a powerful concept that can change the landscape of organisations by effectively harnessing the data. However, as per recent reports, the confidence of management teams across global firms has been dipping due to challenges in implementations. 
We at Gravitas work with organisations to create and maintain robust cloud based infrastructure for storage, navigation and use of your data. We specialise in ensuring high quality of data integrity, pipelining, and security.

Artificial Intelligence

Our Products

Organisations across the globe are focusing more and more on automating their processes and systems with the help of Artificial Intelligence. We have developed in-house, AI powered products for you and your customers.


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